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The fansubbers who tend to be the touchiest and negrep-ready also tend to be the ones with the most infracting behavior. *Good* translators/editors know its an arty thing with many shades of 'right'.

The only time negrep annoys me is when the reason is blank or incomprehensible babble -- they've accomplished nothing because they failed to communicate what bothered them.

But yeah.... its not very productive to negrep when it would make more sense to actually POST what they think and on what basis they think that way.

edit: again - I say its pointless and stupid to negrep when it makes more sense to post and discuss. Frankly, the anonymous coward (to borrow a slashdot term) isn't contributing at all to the discussion. To the anonymous coward: Fine, "you're not a fansubber", so what? You're not providing any useful discussion or reasoning and just seems to be afraid to actually discuss the topic. Therefore, your opinion is irrelevant.

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