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Originally Posted by Chiibi View Post
Ignore that moron....because I GOT neg-repped for saying I don't like fansubs that leave off honorifics. Jerks..........all of them. In fact, I think neg rep should be disabled for EVERYONE. It's so offensive. Keep the good rep option. The only thing neg rep does is offend people! What's the bloody point!?
I used to see neg-rep as perhaps being a good guard against people starting flamewars, or engaging in genuinely trollish behavior.

However, most of the recent neg-reps I've received (including some on this thread) feels like I've received them simply for holding a honest difference of opinion.

If some people prefer liberally translated subs, then that's fine. I'm just giving my opinion on what I like in subs, and why I like it. Everybody here should be free to do that, and not have to worry about neg reps simply for presenting honest opinions in a civil way.

Perhaps I was a bit too aggressive or unclear in some of my arguments, but I still don't think I wrote something that was downright flaming, or trollish, on this thread.

Maybe the cons of the neg rep system outweighs the pros.

In fact, I'm starting to think they do, since I half-think I'm going to get a neg rep simply for making this post.
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