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about that n m issue in せんぱい i'def. for n ^^ but i guess i'm from germany and the german pronounciation for m is WAY too stron for sempai its like no word in japanese *g* ^^

and if they dont care about also how to teaching somethink thats near the input format they could acually directly stop using romanji and hepburn shit and use something that really teaches you the spelling like Phonetic transcription (
but i guess it's only a standdard for europe !?

#German Lautschrift
LautĚschrift, Plural: LautĚschrifĚten
IPA: [ˈlaʊ̯tʃʀɪft], Plural: [ˈlaʊ̯tˌʃʀɪftn̩]
# Englisch: [1] phonetic script → en
# Japanisch: [1] 表音字母 (ひょうおんじぼ, hyōonjibo) → ja, 表音文字 (ひょうおんもじ, hy˘on moji) → ja
(lol its an irony they dont use it in wikitionary and instead use hepburn ^^ lol)

at least nobody would mislead this shit [ˈlaʊ̯tʃʀɪft] with the inputing format *g* ^^

anyway my personal opinion i think the only usefull thing about romanji is that it is close to the input format to look em up in diicitonarys and type them in an early learning state, because the standarts are only close to the spelling if youre english speaker. For different languages like german i saw some old japanese books wich different romanization more close for german seakers (althoug it was only 2 chars it showed how imperfect this system really is for spelling, german is still very close to english but imagine russian or polish or italian ...) and in newer books i saw a looong explanation how the fuck i spell the alphabet i already know but for romanji^^ with ponetic transcripts so expect for giving hints how to input its obsolete ^^ why learn the alphabet anew instead of learning direktly a pronounciation description language (i guess yeah i'm a computer scinentis afer all ^^)
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