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I asked for this
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I think this case shows how important it is to have good parents or good social workers, but as we can see, both failed in this case. I have great sympathy for the kid, and no way would I stick him into jail, never. If the parents failed him, it's the governments obligation to cover for them, but they failed in that as well. And now they want to just stick him into jail, and wash themselves of guilt? Yeah, good job America.

I think this kid shows tremendous potential, I mean come on, learning how to fly from a manual and computer simulation games? He is like MacGyver While I do not approve of his actions, I do not think that it's right to just deal with the consequences. Sure, he lived by the law of the jungle, but that is just because he was never taught otherwise. And by the topic of personal freedom, I have always followed this simple principle: An it harm none, do what ye will. Of course it's debatable what might harm someone, but it's a basic guideline. We were all born brutes, just look at little kids and try to prove me wrong. They are all horrible without knowledge of what is considered socially acceptable, they do not know how to suppress that inner"brute". So while I personally do think that being a real pirate would be awesome and thrilling, it's just not right to steal from people no matter how you look at it. Not even the Robin Hood types, although I could debate on that issue, especially socially wise. But not in this topic.
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