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Originally Posted by glazer69 View Post
Hmm.. hows the harem if this series? Bitter or sweet? True harem or the others doesnt stand a chance?
The harem is very mild. while the girls are in love with the MC it isn't really brought up very much. The primary focus is generally on important matters and the girls don't go chase after the MC like prey. Basically the fact that they are in love with Yuuske is not the dominant trait in their character. I think what's more dominant is that they trust him more than anyone. Yuuske is a calculating guy that understands the problems that will occur if he starts a relationship with anyone. So he shrugs off most romance, at least until he's done changing the world it seems.

a bit more specific:

Spoiler for Issues regarding Sun:

Spoiler for Violets situation:

There are more but these are the first two and the others don't come a long till a few volumes in.

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