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Originally Posted by Dynames/ Virtue View Post
I don't think even Michael Bay can pull it off. Gundams are more complicated in every single way more than tranformers. If it follows similiar to CG approach, lets hope the graphics pixels are good such as Advent of Children.

Another thing is they need extremely well talented artist designing gundams before to pull this feat off.
There's no chance of Mickael Bay making a good Gundam movie. He'd probably do pretty well on the action side, but the characters would be terrible.

Originally Posted by Eidolon Sniper View Post
Well, Michael Bay REDESIGNED the entire Transformers gang....
Yeah. The designs were entirely too complicated in my opinion, and he messed up a lot of characters, too. I hate the new Jazz, he went from a cool second-in-command into a bad token black stereotype.

Originally Posted by Dynames/ Virtue View Post
At least the designs for seed are not complicated. Getting the other series on the other hand, will be more problematic though.
The designs for SEED are some of the most complicated I've seen, in my opinion. They have weapons all over the place, and things move and transform and flip around... just give me the 78.

Originally Posted by Eidolon Sniper View Post
Somehow a Gundam movie being a product of Hollywood gives me shivers...*remembers Street Fighter II movie* X______________________x
I agree whole heartedly. That movie was a pure pile of crap. Then again... so was G-Saviour. Hollywood tried Gundam once, and failed miserably. If I had anything to say about it, they shouldn't be allowed to try again... Unless I were allowed to do it. Then I'd support it whole-heartedly.

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