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Well to me in my opinion American television/film always SUCK in bringing in media from japan to the mass media in the west. One example of this is when I was in the US and was watching Gundam Seed and I was WTF the american version cut all the bloody sences or digitaly remove the blood and change the regular guns to DISCO guns!!

and in hearing that they are going to make a live action of dragonball Z it gave me the chills. Most anime turn live action movies always never turn out well, maybe because of lack of research of the show or they dont even approach the original creators or they did but fired them afterwards or the producers are trying to get as much people to see the movie and inturn get more money so thet try to make it very 1 dimentional. With most of them its all about the money and sometimes they dont care about the integrity of the story. Sometimes they dont approach it with a different angle. With G saviour (gladly i never saw it) from what I read it was typical american style "good guys beat bad guys" type film.

So if they really want to make a good Gundam Live action movie. They should do A LOT and i mean A LOT of research on all the series. Have the hole staff including the cast to watch all the series and yes that includes G saviour XD as well looking at fan reaction from forums and other media such as this one. Have them try to stay true to the gundam tradition and try to approach it from a different angle such as instead of one movie make it like a trilogy or not even base it on UC or past any universe but make a new alternate universe, put in a relatively unknown director that has actually have talent in and most importantly have the original creators of Gundam actually be part of the project .

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