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Originally Posted by theflyingturkey View Post
Wait, you were shipping for Kagura x Mikono because of Apollo and Silvia?

You didn't know?
Spoiler for The answer if you care:

BUT...I broke my own heart after I wrote that last post, because I remembered that Kawamori is a TROLL and Touma/Mikage is the Aizen just as planned Sousuke and Fudo is Urahara I'm really not that different from Aizen, you know Kisuke of Aquarion They both have the same goal, they just go about it differently but in the end, they know people will be hurt or die and still do it.

Which means that episode 13 has forced me to admit that there is now an equal chance that me and anyone who thinks Kagura is really Apollon is getting trolled. So now I have two scenerious and one will break my heart....I swear to god, this the last time, I let Kawamori play with my emotions and I will just refrain from loving any character or ship, and just watch the damn show, because he will just stab methe chest, rip my heart out and stab it with rusty fork, before setting on fire all while giggling his ass off about how he sank my ship and killed off all the characters I truly loved. Because I was a fool to believe in him, so I deserved it!..anyway, so I deiced it's not worth the pain and mental anguish anymore ... I refuse to let him hurt me anymore.

My new theories...after some considerable thought and minimal shipping bias (I'd be lying if I said I totally left my shipper bias out)

Because .....
  1. Mykage is manipulative and he only cares about Apollonious and he will use anyone and anything because everyone else is expendable to him and he would mindrape Kagura into thinking he's Apollon when he's really Moroha the "one-eyed-monster"
  2. Because he was there so he would remember the love and he hated both of them would want to kill them.
  3. And Mykage could just be feigning ignorance because he's a lot like Aizen and he's manipulative and he uses contrivances to get people to do what he wants. So he might have decided to pretend he didn't know who Apollonious was....and Amata could be him all along and he could be trolling the OS fans, since Newer fans won't have a clue

BUT..and I am not denying that it could be because of my shipper dreams --that doesn't quite make sense.
  1. If that were the case, then surely Kagura would have had more time with her and more people would be convinced he was Apollon, BUT it wouldn't be as much of a mindscrew, if he did that because it's the reveal , that he wasn't Apollon that would blow your mind. Again...I am fully aware that this could more of a case of "wishful thinking"....
  2. When I think about all the times that Kagura and Mikono met and the effect he's had on her. I can't believe it's not real,because they haven't spent more time together for him to be on her mind.
  3. In episode 6...When Kagura loses, it hurts her. In episode six, she told Cayenne as she watched his retreating ship, that she doesn't know but it HURTS because she doesn't know. Her reaction when he licked her and came after her--had him on her mind and all she thought about was how she wanted to know more about him.
  4. Whenever he's crying out for her, she reacts and Shu Shu may shake when she does, but he never ever attacks Kagura. Love is forbidden, right? Yet Shu Shu, only acts independent and help to enforce this rule, when it looks like Amata is trying to put the moves on Mikono. I say it jokingly but I really find that noteworthy...he's obviously some kind of empath so he knows how she feels, yet he's clearly an Anti-Amata and Mikono shipper...
  5. Then this time she saw Amata before she saw Kagura. That and Kagura saying he doesn't really exist...makes me think that one of Silvia's element power is to also "create life" or end it and that's why the force of their love is so destructive
  6. She created Sirius. What if Amata is something--someone that she created...because a part of her wished to recreated the relationship with Apollon, although a part of her wish to forget it because, in both the OS and OVA they realized how much pain and suffering they caused...and that's why it's a love that brings great hope and great sorrow...
  7. Because Touma the creepy, yandere stalker and he will never give repeat and rinse...every 12,000 they meet, fall in love and are only together for a short time, but in doing so...they have to sacrifice everyone. That's why Mikono bickers with Amata and a few episode five when she said she felt like she knew him for a long time happened. Because every time she tries to recreate that moment with Amata---Kagura comes because it's he she's in love with and Amata is some kind of normal human facsimile....
  8. OR He was made by Apollon, who's memories are fragmented and he created Amata as vessel because he wanted to be near her no matter what. No matter how they knew it would hurt people they love over and over again. They yearn for each other. No way Kawamori is going to end that love on a build-up to say...screw destiny and give her to someone else. If anything they will over come the destiny that says, their love will destroy more than than they save...and will finally be allowed to live

"Happily Ever After"...but this is Kawamori's baby so I doubt it.

I dunno know....but I just don't believe that Amata is Apollon...maybe a wing, but I dunno he's too much like Sylvia so I have a hard time believing it. I can only see Mikono and Kagura as my beloved pairing...not even Amata and Zessica or Kagura and Zessica. They don't fit, imo....if they weren't characters that were reincarnations of the ones from OS, then it would be different.


Originally Posted by theflyingturkey View Post
My reason for zen keeping Kagura and Mikono apart is simply because, Kagura's getting manipulated by Mikage right now.
He'll probably let them get together once Kagura does a Heel Face Turn.
Zen wouldn't keep them apart. If anything he would manipulate them into getting together and wouldn't say anything. He is a guide but he doesn't interfere...why should he. He wants to awaken Aquarion too. It's always been his goal, same as Touma's. He just have different reasons for wanting to but the method he uses is nearly the same. They're not so different

Originally Posted by theflyingturkey View Post

So if Amata=Silvia and Kagura=Apollo...
Watch episode 11 and see both Mikono and Amata in angst over Kagura. Zessica in angst over Amata, who likes Mikono, while she just saw her with another man. Kagura's clearly THE TOP, no matter which one he chooses. (They're all GIRLS ) How could you even ask that?

Originally Posted by miketyson View Post
LoP: I'll kindly point out that Zen made a very, very strong statement that the form that you can see with your eyes isn't what's important. He might've only been talking about himself and Mykage, but I'm taking it as a hint -- or a warning? -- that any and all visual/physical similarities to original series characters are potential fake-outs of some kind or other.
Exactly. That's why, I don't think he's Fudo just because he looks like Fudo. It's an illusion chaining you to the past

Mykage Killed Jin, I have never ever seen Fudo kill anyone. He's Crea or he's not but Touma is Mykage, not Fudo. He said that Touma was still bound to his form, while he was not. He didn't deny having a real body. He merely said, the vessel is unimportant but he noticed that Touma still had his. They spoke of Apollonious, not Apollon...therefore it was established that Touma is the same yandere stalker of Apollonious no matter what he looks like. He's a girly-man with wings in his hair, rose petals and decidedly gay for a certain guy. It's Touma. Art evolution? Yes. Does Mykage really look much different from Touma? NO. Which also applies to Amata and Kagura because one of them could be a FAKE

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