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Originally Posted by Zuul View Post
some brilliant mind somewhere brought up the fact that Kagura power is reverse and that EVOL is the reverse of LOVE. So great things can be expected of Kagura gattaing.

I don't feel like reading the whole thread. I hope no one came with it yet.
Exactly my thoughts! "Love turns into hate"

Somehow, Kagura's role has been reversed but he's still the same person.

It made perfect sense once 13 aired, even if it's an assumption. A guy I will call "Odin" and I remarked on the play on words when Evol was first announced. Now it all makes sense and the "forbidden gattai" that could destroy the's like and alternate retailing of Celiane and Apollonious' least it is imo

@ Iron Mike....I would like to add, that Kagura being a fake and some nutjob can also be "an illusion" Amata being Apollon can also be an illusion, in this case it doesn't imply that Kagura is the fake... It could be either one. At the same time, most of you hate him and think he's a creepy stalker imposter...look beyond the surface. He's not what he seems to be--at this point I feel like they're telling you it could go either way and don't be so sure that Amata is it...Especially since Kagura is saying hate, when just looking at my avatar says ...SHOUJO MOMENT ..and EVOL is love backwards, and Love turns into hate and his power is to "Reverse" things and he is the most powerful thing in the show..he doesn't have memory of it so as right now he's weak-- and being that his memories are incomplete, he could have done something to screw it up ...actually the OVA ending seems to play a factor from my POV..both Apollo and Sylvia memories were screwed and they wiped out everything and it's said outright that they changed a Parallel universe. I think they put it back ...wrong when they reassembled everything--oh wait. Reika/Scorpius' memories were also screwed and he/she helped too.

I really think they made a boo-boo and well.......welcome to EVOL.

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