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Lord of Pandemonium: the exact nature of the relationship between Mykage and "that form" wasn't clear. I don't know what the subs put for it, but just going *literally* it should've been something pretty close to "Even now you haven't discarded that form" (I went and checked for you) doesn't say it *isn't* his old/original form, but it doesn't say it *is*, either...and under ordinary circumstances I'd say the safest bet is Mykage's original form, but with a series this trollish I'm not going to jump to any conclusions so quickly.

Likewise I'm not sure what the subs had for Appollonius, but the way Mykage talks about Apollonius is very open-ended. When he talks about Appollonius what he said was analogous to saying: "Apollonius, *the* lover from 24000 years ago" (note: not "your" or "my"). To me it sounded less like he was talking about himself and more like he was trying to get Zen angry...and that's how I started to find myself in the "Zen is Touma in disguise" faction.

So that's my story and I'm sticking to it until better evidence comes in. I have no clue who Mykage is -- at all! -- but as long as I'm in the "Zen is Touma in disguise camp" I'm going to be thinking Mykage is anyone but Touma. So let's agree to disagree and wait for more information on him, I guess.

In terms of real versus fake and so on: I have an open mind (I'm on team pro-fabulous, anti-emo more than a specific ship...). Clearly we've been warned that some things are not as they seem on the surface -- though did we really need that warning, I wonder, ? -- but on the other hand everything can't be backwards, and some things have to be more or less what they appear to be.

Zen's use of an hourglass when talking about time made a lot of sense. When you flip it over it counts out the same interval of time but things are running "backwards" we'll see. But this is why my first reaction to episode 13 was that it was going to force a lot of theory reevaluation; there's now a lot more that's up in the air than we were thinking.

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On to Shu-Shu, I think Shu-Shu just reflects Mikono's emotions instead of the other way around since this has happened before. Episode 3, Amata apologizes to Mikono by pulling a dogeza in Aquarion. Mikono accepts his apology, as shown by Shu-Shu here:

Spoiler for Big picture, Picture is big:

Although it hasn't happened in a while. Shu-Shu did react violently to Kagura's presence in episode 6(or 5), so it's not just Amata. If Shu-Shu gains any plot importance and isn't just Mikono's cute head pet anymore, I swear he will be up there with Mykage on my hate list.
I find Shu-Shu hard to understand. It also acted really happy when Cayenne rescued her this week. No clue if it's watching over Mikono, reflecting her true inner state, has its own independent thoughts, or is just in the show for the humor value.

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