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I just had one more little a-ha then I swear I'm done for awhile, .

So Gepart evolves when it has pilots from both worlds in it. I'd guess we'll the other two evolve at some point, which'd need two more pilots from Altair. For EVOL I think it's obviously going to be Kagura (giving us Aquarion LOVE!, woot!), but that leaves Spada up in the air. I'll be pulling for Izumo + Alisia + someone from Vega (Amata? Family Gattai, Go!...but even after Yunoha's gattai I'm not sure that Kawamori's ballsy enough for that one...).
Aquarion evolves through love. Jin was feeling quite a bit of it towards Yunoha and Aquarion answered his love evolving and giving him the power he needed. It didn't have to do with him being from Altair. Unfortunately Mikage also answered the call of his love...
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