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For details:

To sum it up:
-Removal of H-scene or modified into another scene
-Some BGM being replaced with the others
-New route, Three Colors Route (include New CG and New BGM), this is a route split from Rea's route.
-Adding Drama CD into Extra Stories section (remade into a Visual Novel instead of sound only)
-Epilogue/After Story for Marie's route and Rea's route
-Modification to some radical words (nothing big)
-Changing Rusalka's chant in Rea's route into the discarded version from Acta est Fabula.
-A little modification to the battle with Rusalka in Kasumi's route.
-New OP & ED

The bolded ones are those that should be essential

If you are somewhere in the middle of reading Acta est Fabula, you can just finish it completely first and go touch the AA for those bolded ones (use clear save data if you don't want to bother unlocking Rea's route again).
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