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erk...this weekend's pretty soon, but it's at least possible. The patch is running fine, but chapters 2 and 3 have only been partly edited beyond what's in the wiki. I'll be able to fix them up pretty well by the end of tomorrow, but I'd like someone else to proofread just in case.

The bigger problem is that, for only one or two screens at the very end of chapter 6, it's supposed to start raining. I think Sonozaki Futagotachi mentioned it earlier, but the current patch just ignores the rain. It's only for a few seconds in this chapter, but in the later chapters, we'll need it.

And to Nadeor, if we wait until the whole patch is finished, at least episode 3 and maybe episode 4 would be out along with even more spoilers.
Think of the patch like a manga or something that comes out once a month, where you just get a part of the story each time.
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