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Episode 40: Enter the Cheerful Pirates! Sailing in Gold Land!

So, we have reached the fortieth episode and with it the show is starting to close towards the finalé, but we're still three more death generals to tackle with.

And, whenever I gave thoughts that Xros Wars could get even better, this 40th episodes delves a strong melo-drama involving one of the least explored characters in the overall show, Ballistamon.

The shock was that his past became a driving force for the poignancy that came with the climax at this episode's closing, concluding with a cliffhanger full of high-tension.


Ballistamon's past was partially revealed, and like Dorurumon's has its own shade of black.

BTW, anyone wondering about the current episode rate, I found out from Anime News Network that episode 44 will be broadcasted until the 17th of this month.
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