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Episode 42: Whispers to Kiriha! The Canyon Earth Spirit Genarl's Devilish Offer

Originally Posted by FlareKnight View Post
Spoiler for Ep42:
FlareKnight, a beautiful and succinct review for the 42nd episode, I may add.

Yes, I thought so that Kiriha's lust for battle and competition suddenly going gung-ho and out of the clock at the very start of Canyon Land arc not only felt a little bit disturbing but out of pace with the story's development.

It was a welcome return to Kiriha's old days, but those days during the first episode depicted him cold and calculating, though always wishing to exceed himself.

Going postal to defeat Gravimon at first seemed out of character, but once his childhood memory was delved upon then everything became so clear.

If previous digidestined had tough childhood experiences or traumas, naming Juri Katou and Ken Ichijouji, as best examples, Kiriha's childhood best them all with a dead-end trauma.

Gravimon further discloses that it was Baguramon that first brought into the digital world, because the Leader, himself, thought him strong at first....


But, this very dark episode with a character that hit rock-bottom was a very nice and well-received juxtaposition and scope turnaround episode in contrast to previous episodes that led to happy conclusions for the rest of the other characters.

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