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Episode 43: A Strong Love!! Deckerdramon's Last Scream!!!

This is an apology for the double posting, but no one has commented about the current episodes.

So, this is part two of Canyon Land's mini-arc.

The twist that presents this episode is that the details of Kiriha's past were not fully revealed in episode 42.

By the way, this is another episode that adds to the list of most memorable and remarkable episodes in this show with the great story drama, the adrenaline action, and the superb animation design.

What I feel that makes this digimon show very balanced is the gravitas that Kiriha's anti-thesis of his character serves in contrasts to Taiki's personality. It makes for their respective world views of separate black and white making good combination without mixing.

As well it was another episode that paid homages to memorable instances of Digimon Adventure, Digimon 02, and Digimon Tamers.

The previous Death Generals were the stereotypical tyrant characters, although Olegmon itself possessed redeeming qualities and understood its own perspective about friendship very well. Nevertheless, Gravimon became to me the most despicable, bastard, and least forgiveable to me of the Death Generals for what he did to Deckerdramon.

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