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I disagree with you all.
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It is interesting that Calca joked about Stryker being Skynet. No, I think that Stryker is more like the A.I. super computer from I, Robot film. Close to the climax of that film the twisted revelation came that it was the culprit behind the doctor's murder, and if I recall correctly, it planned stealthily to bring forth a sort of efficient order.

Unlike Skynet from the Terminator films, the A.I. from I, Robot came to the conclusion that certain rights and liberties must be suppressed in order for humans not descending into chaos and not to necessarily dispose of them, or that's what I recalled.

Moreover, I can also compare Strykers' actions to Auto the A.I. that controlled the ship in the film Wall-E. Auto did what it did to prevent humanity from reaching Earth, because it was following protocol directives from the ships' creators.

However, like you said Anh_Minh it's irrelevant whether Stryker's recent course of actions involving the Earth and its human population are due either to its own reasoning or following the late Kugels' orders.
- The Earth and GA are located in different locations and environments. So reproducing verbatim and then implementing the same GA system order in Earth in its entirety is not feasible, or that's how I look to it at the short-term.
- I think as well that is irrelevant to go at depth how much authority Stryker exerts, since I consider Machine Calibers pilot by soldiers as War Machines.
- Whatever those power crazed fantasies came from doesn't matter, but Stryker at least must have come to the conclusion that it cannot expect that so called new order to be implemented overnight. It must allow, at least, for a smooth transition so all humans or the majority can adapt into it.
But that's the thing. Stryker only cares about military power, which in the present situation is almost superfluous. If it really was trying to remake the GA and was merely in a transitional period, it should have tried to educate as many people as possible on all aspects of technology, so they could reconquer spaceflight.

Stryker wasn't trying to remake the GA anymore than Bob Denard was trying to spread the ideals of the French Revolution. It was just a power grab.
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