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hmm why do so many people keep insisting on using bt. It is clear that both xdcc and bt are effective ways of getting files out to people. But I have an impresion that many people here have not downloaded releases from xdcc bots. The question asked in this thread is which one is faster? not which one is more effective or better? xdcc bots is the clear winner as the fastest of the two. What are to cons of xdcc? for one, waiting for queue when the slots are all full. Second, wrong or accidental commands can get you banned from the channel. Third, good chance leechers wont help distribute the file.
Many xdcc bots allow resume and you can always use bt to finish it or check if the file is good I think everyone should give xdcc a try. It may be a bit hard to learn, but once you learn all the tricks to it everything becomes as easy as typing an email addy. It's nice to stop by a channel and chat while you download the file. Give it a try
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