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Everyone talks about how xdcc is faster... but does it really matter? I mean does everyone just sit at their pc all day waiting for new releases, then go download it as fast as possible, and sit staring at the download so they can start playing it the second it finishes downloading?
I've been an mirc user for years, but since BT has been around I haven't touched file servers unless I absolutely had to. I usually download an episode from a bittorrent in about 30 minutes. Maybe I could download from an xdcc in about 15 minutes these days, but I could care less because I probably wouldnt watch the episode for a few days anyway. What BT offers is convenience. I have a list of releases, I just click the one I want, and sit back and forget about it. If I want something from IRC, I first have to know what server the group is on, figure out the channel, type the commands into irc, get a list of the fileservers, then finally tell it to get the file and leave the channel/server. Basically, it's just more work, for no reason.
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