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Originally Posted by ReizoSan View Post
Resistance is like a ps2 game poor online (my bro has a ps3) so i would get Gears Of War or COD4, Halo 2 was ok for its time but Halo 3 is very poor i don't rate it at alll.
As much as I love the Halo series, this bit of advice is spot on. GoW and CoD4 are a must for any console FPS fans, Halo 3 is good but I have to admit not as good as these 2.
As I've said in the CoD4 thread it has possibly the best level ever made in it which in its own right can best whole entire games.

But I do think there won't be a figure as great as the Master Chief for some time to come. The man is a legend FACT!
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