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So the latest churning out of a 4 coma anime by KyoAni...

Unlike when I first decided to watch K-ON!, I set my expectations appropriately for this anime. It's a 4-coma. It's supposed to be random funny and moe. Ok. I'm ready to go!

And that is when my car drove off the cliff....

The worst thing a show can do to its audience is bore it. This show didn't make me angry, or anything. There wasn't something that glaringly stood out to me, it was just boring. I maybe smiled at one gag in this whole episode.

Yeah, the show is supposed to be random. It clearly exemplified this with how it pretty much jumped from scene to scene without really being connected, or even creating a real storyline. OK sure, I'm with ya here. But oh wait, what's the point of this then? Oh, it's supposed to provide light hearted fun and entertainment. Alright gotcha! ............ And I'm left hanging.

The sort of randomness employed here was pretty dull for my tastes. Honestly, what's going on inside my own head is often more random than what I just saw. To say the least, I was very uninspired.

Well if the randomness didn't manage to shock or awe me in any shape or form, it can be at least funny right? No, not really. I was pretty unimpressed with the humor presented. It seems like the show is relying on cute interactions of some of the girls to make up a majority of the light hearted fun, like a certain Azumanga Daioh. But it never really did show me much on this front.

I don't know. It wasn't funny, or fun. They tried to earn cheap laughs, and there wasn't anything witty about what they did here. I don't know. This show is probably a waste of my time.

I give it a 4/10. It was a deplorable episode.
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