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Originally Posted by Inept Forum User View Post
They are comprised of various AIM fields - does this allow them to use the powers of the individuals who emitted those fields to begin with (but with no active mental link to the persons in question as was the case with AIM Burst)?
No. It's like we are made of flesh and bones, yet we have no control over Flesh and bones as a whole.

Also, if an individual had a link to an AIM entity, am I correct in thinking that they'd be able to tap it's power to a certain degree (if I remember correctly, Aleister's omnipresence is related to Aiwass)?
Does this question come from the Level Upper network? That case was special since it was strictly designed to "borrow" conscious data (not AIM) from the users, thus AIM Burst could use the "borrowed data" from the users since the whole network was designed for that purpose.

It's different for Kazakiri and Aiwass, they have "no control" over the powers that construct them, they "only" have abilities of their own.

Originally Posted by Mr.Kyon View Post
Gunha has repeatedly been hinted to be the actual Number Three in terms of power
No. It's only been hinted that Gunha wouldn't be the 7th (last) one if the ranks were about powers.
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