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Originally Posted by Tom Bombadil View Post
Riddle this for me then, during Chinese opening up to the rest of the world in the last few decades, beside big foreign corporations like Coca cola, etc., which type of foreigners are most likely to invest, and in fact have invested a lot in mainland China? Do you get a image of some white dude who has not much connection with an Asian culture, or some oversea Chinese who can easily get around with the locals?

We must had so much disdain for them that in the beginning we beg them to visit and invest.
Erm. The problem is that despite PRC's (at least during Mao and early Deng) general dislike of overseas Chinese, they were the easiest to attract. It's something to do with roots. So the dislike isn't mutual. Of course, since Jiang Zemin, things have changed 180 degrees.
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