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I'm not sure why people thought the plot was confusing. I got it fine. Here's my understanding of the plot:

According to the synopsis, it’s about a bunch of kings who fight psychic wars against each other, but let’s just look at the episode on its own. The show starts with an eight minute scene of the Red King’s gang breaking into a gangster hideout in order to find a specific person. There’s terrible unsubbed Engrish during this part, so I didn’t get everything, but I got the gist. Afterwards, they run into the Blue King’s gang and after a fight, the leader apparently gets caught. Meanwhile, the main protagonist (Isana Yashiro aka Shiro) goes out on an errand for his school and runs into trouble with the Red King’s gang because he looks exactly like the person they’re hunting: The Colorless King (who is apparently the seventh king). He gets saved by a mysterious youth named Kuroh Yatogami only to be threatened with his sword. It is at this point that videos of him killing a cameraman and declaring himself the seventh king is displayed all over the city and Shiro has nothing to say to that.

So yeah, I don't get what the problem is.

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