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Originally Posted by Yellow Flash
Yondaime's death is nothing but an illusion, a trick by this great magician.
He used the distraction caused by Kyuubi's attack to disappear.

It's true that many are convinced he is dead, but the evidence is not conclusive.

- The first hint we got is that his body was never found.

- The second hint was that Anko had some doubts about Yondaime's death.
Her wish that Yondaime was there to fight Orochimaru annoyed Sandaime,
and he replied that Yondaime is dead, a little too quickly, repeating the cover story.

- The third hint was when Orochimaru decided to act upon the premise that Yondaime is dead,
trying to summon him to this world. And sure enough, it didn't work.

We have yet to see why Yondaime left Konoha. His motive remain unknown.
I think the summoning of Yondaime was anime only.

And I agree, he might be still alive. I heared that he has been seen by various ninja through the country. He is said to be travelling with Elvis. And even though there are no usable photographs of him, the description of Yondaime (and Elvis of course) given by various independent people indicate that he MUST be somewhere out there.
Just like the truth in the X-Files. The truth was somewhere out there too.
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