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Originally Posted by Idealist 99 View Post
Honestly, I would prefer if Toei doesn't tease a ship that they have no intention of making it canon. It will just enrage fans and cause more backlash.
Since fans ranted about Sorato becoming canon because the original digimon series and movie teased Tai and Sora so hard. If the series never teased Tai and Sora as potential couple then there wouldn't have been any backlash.
The problem (of some Takari fans) with Takari not being canon existed since the end of 02. Not to mention that most Takari fans already accepted that this couple is not canon (and still enjoy the shiptease in Tri), even if they still hope for a retcon in this regard.

Even if the new proyect add more Takari shiptease (which is likely since the ship is pretty popular), this is not going to produce a big backlash.

Also, it's always possible they add other couples to the Epilogue (like Takari or Koumi).

Originally Posted by Idealist 99 View Post
From what we have seen, Tri series has no intention of retconing the Epilogue.
Even the final episode has shown that Tai applying for Collage to build a better future which imply his future as an ambassador while Matt decided to aim toward the space which foresee his future as an Astronaut.
I just said that it was more likely that Takari become canon than we will get to know Hikari's husband or Takeru's wife.

I do not think the epilogue is going to be totally retconned, but other couples could be added. Although I do not say that this is going to happen.

The new project of Digimon seems to have a new staff, so we do not know what decisions they are going to make about it.
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