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Can't remember the title of this hentai.

I don't know if this is allowed exactly. I am only looking for the title. Please no links of pics.

The hentai deals with a teacher who mistakenly attacks a female student in love with him believing she is going to get him fired for something he didn't do. They have semi-rape sex and then he finds out from her that it is the other teachers (five women) who set him up and she was trying to stop them And he proceeds to take out these teachers with the help of his student. He does so by exposing their sexual deviancy to the school board.

The first one has blue hair and is a severe airplane fetishist. The school is near an airport so every time one takes off she hears it and "Vacates to the womens bathroom."

The second one is a orange/red head with an unnatural love for bukkake and orgies. The duo discover that she is using the entire male swimming team for these purposes and expose her by playing to her weakness

The third and fourth are a lesbian pair with strong D/S relationship. One of them hates men to the point that she punishes her lover by forcing her to sleep with one of their male students. The starring duo get them by capturing them both and using two men on them.

The final one is the leader she has glasses black hair and a red suit much like the teacher from DearS. It is implied that she likes little boys.

Help me find the title of this hentai anime.
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