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You missed a digit. There are 10,000 players, not 1,000. So he's run into 7 girls out of 500. It's pretty unlikely, but not absurdly unlikely. Must be his charisma stat.
Actually running into or even knowing 7 girls with such numbers is not unlikely, more like common or easy. The unlikely scenario being some of them fell for him.

From the last MMORPG I played we had around a 10K population for our server from which on average there 2.5K online at a time. I was in two different guilds and in both 1 out of 5/6 members were real girls. Each guild with 30-40 members and 6-7 girls each side. And if people argue they were all men, well one guild was from my own country and met them during reunions, while the other guild saw the photos of their reunions too. Also the same average proportion of 1 out of 5/6 being a real girl applies to SAO if you watch stills from EP1 after the mirror scene. Oh and falling in love with someone you met in an MMO and even marrying outisde the game is not uncommon, from my previous example we had a total of six couples, three ended in marriage O.O

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