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Originally Posted by Endless Knackwurst View Post
I used the sale weekend to buy 150 fire extinguishers and 200 each of small repair kits and small first aid kits.
My list:

Manual Fire Extinguishers: 200
Small Repair Kit: 1000
Small First Aid Kit: 700
100-octane Gasoline: 400

Originally Posted by LeoXiao View Post
I really want there to be an equipment and ammo sale soon. My stocks are running low.
Equipment sale is coming this coming Friday. Basically:

- 50% Credits Discount on Equipment
- 50% Gold Discount on Garage Slots Gold
- 50% Gold Discount on Crew training/retraining Gold 50%
- Discount on Premium Account Gold 3 Days for 300 Gold
- Increase in Crew Experience Experience x3
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