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Originally Posted by Darkcraft View Post
Nunnally "death" was needed to speed the pace and send lelouch in Warlord mode
Nunnaly return is also need to help schneizel thinking his plan is perfect and he will win at the end
And who knows if Nunnally ll not be the one,the writter want since the beginning, to kill lelouch at the end after schneizel death cause of their mutual promise in S1(personal speculation).
it ll be a satisfactory ending for lelouch even if he die by creating an acceptable world for his sister and a democrat world organisation(UFN) brittania is a part. All he want is a better world when she ll open her eyes

The site have changed the MIA in KIA only cause of the well observations of fans with the 2nd shuttle and a precise timing of events . Production have judged 5 episode was too long for not losting fans with a KIA on a picture
You see, this is all well and good, but it is still too convenient for the plot. It is just a plot device used in the end. It is just like Marianne. Sure it helped move Lelouch forward and what not, but it wasn't NEEDED and was used only as a plot Device.

This is the only reason I have a problem with it. You don't just bring people out that are labeled "Dead" for no more reason than "Plot Device" and "Shock Value." It ruins the pacing and it messes with the plot. Again, they could have done 1001 things different with the plot to move forward than bringing Nunnally back.
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