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Originally Posted by Kyanme View Post
"Like that" was supposed to refer to the obviously comedic moments she's in. I don't know where I said she has to be loved by everyone (though if you got that impression, I do apologize), I distinctly recall saying it's fine s/he dislikes Taiga. Not to sound defensive, but if I was trying to say everyone should love her... I think I'd have responded to the post above mine too. Taiga is very annoying and obnoxious, but it's why I like her character: I can relate to her.

But yes, you have a point, which is why I added the Kitamura bit. But I still believe Taiga's behaviour towards him is supposed to be comedic. Like you said, there are different ways to be funny, like how Ryuuji is kind of a neat freak, how Minori is a walking laugh herself, and how Taiga's a spazz around Kitamura.

Well, yes. Characters are more than pretty faces, and so is Ami, but to me, that's all she is... As in, that's all I like about her. She's pretty and that's all that appeals to me. But yeah, you have a very good point, she has her own qualities that make her an enjoyable character, but just not enjoyable for me. If that makes sense..?

I did get that impression, but its not a big deal now that youve explained it. Its very possible that I misunderstood ((havent reread yet). Im operating on about 4 hours of sleep though, so I imagine that has alot to do with it.

Everyone is free to like and dislike characters. I just dislike it when people refuse to acknoledge that other characters have their merits and blindly dislike a certain one. Of course yu didnt do that, quite the opposite. I try to recognize Taiga's appeal too.
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