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Going a few pages back: no, AIM and Telesma are definitely not derived from the same source. You really need to brush up on your Index lore if you think they are, since all the evidence we have so far suggest that though they have similar characteristics, they are fundamentally completely different. They aren't even from the same plane of existence. AIM is the substance or energy released by espers, a concept based on Aleister Crowley's Thelema (different from Telesma!), while Telesma is what makes up the Heavens, a concept of Christianity. Obviously, Aiwass did not originally exist in the same plane as the Christian angels. Aleister's Artificial Heaven plan would force the laws of Magic to recognize the Artificial Heaven made of AIM as the real heaven which houses the templates or so for the elements instead of the Heaven made of Telesma, and this causes spells cast and even the very process of drawing Mana from Life Force to backfire on the caster. This effect is already manifested in the small scale inside the brains or bodies of every esper, severely hampering their ability to cast magic. AIM (and its supposed derivative, dark matter) and Telesma also have an antagonistic relationship, meaning AIM cancels out Telesma and vise versa. This is demonstrated by:
  • Accelerator's Reflect failing on Gabriel's wings and Sweep (and against the Golden Sky blast), while being effective on normal magic from the Russian magicians
  • Fuse Kazakiri (owing to the denser AIM field) managing to hold her own against Gabriel, while the same cannot be said for Accelerator despite him being able to easily manipulate Kazakiri's attacks
  • the containment of Gabriel's Telesma inside a constantly reinforced hollow sphere made using Fuse Kazakiri's wings
  • Angelerator tanking Fiamma's Golden Sky blast with his wings
Accelerator's inability to successfully control Telesma means that it is fundamentally different from AIM and even Mana or Magic Power, which he successfully managed to reflect, though with strange results.

Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
The raw material is a supernatural matter, but after being crafted by technology, it becomes something else- so does it stop being a supernatural matter? It's like water is completely different from the oxygen and hydrogen it's made from.
I believe the answer here is no. All the supernatural aspects will be negated by IB, while the natural aspects like the cloth or the thread in some special nun's robes (Walking Church, etc) or, in Equ Dark Matter's case (since, I think, only the weaponized helmet is made of Dark Matter), the rest of the suit and the supposed sensors and controls inside the helmet will be unaffected. Being able to affect or manipulate the supernatural does not necessarily make the manipulator supernatural. Else, the flesh and blood of magicians and espers would be considered supernatural, and they would vanish to nothingness if Touma touched them. Conversely, supernatural objects or forces shaped by natural means or made to resemble natural objects are not converted into the natural, as is the case in Curtana, the Steel Gloves, the Queen of the Adriatic, etc.
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