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I agree that Tsukune hasn't been serious when he was playing "Catch" with Gyokuro, since at that time he hasn't used anything that could be considered as a way to block the Jigen-tou that is Akua's preferred method of fighting.

After all, he only used the "super" physical strength that vampires have to block and shatter the pillar that was thrown at him - I know that Hokuto implied that he used something else, but until we learn more, I will stick to this assumption.

Personally I doubt we will see Tsukune getting serious until his fight with Akua, where we will finally learn how powerful Tsukune has got, and how stable his vampire abilities are - since, like I said earlier, I doubt that Tsukune has obtained full control over his Shinso blood and the abilities he receives from it.

As for Miyabi, I doubt that they will be fighting against him in the current arc, since he has got a plan off his own that he has made with Hokuto and Kiria, and at the moment Tsukune and the rest of the group are unknowingly putting that plan into motion, so why would he need to fight them - of course, it could be because he doesn't want to reveal his plan prematurely, but if that's the case, he won't need to get serious at all, against Tsukune and the rest of his group, which is going to mean that Tsukune won't need to get serious against him as well... (and actually converse his youkai energy for the fight against Akua)

Speaking of which, there hasn't been anything mentioned on how long it takes for a youkai to recover their youkai energy right ?

Well, since I think that an ayashi's youkai energy has a lot to do with their "physical energy", they need to rest, to be able to recover it, meaning that those who used a lot of their youkai energy in the current fight probably won't be useful anymore, and that Tsukune shouldn't participate in unnecessary fights, even if he has the most of youkai energy, since I amuse he would need to use a lot of it, during his fight with Akua.
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