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Originally Posted by justpassingby View Post
Ummm, what should I post here?
But first of all, thank you for creating the thread
For a start, the line in the novel was 長生き、 するんだよ "Live a long life" (Epilog vol 1 pg 299), just like in the anime.
I didn't really expect fansubber to include Spock famous words

Ossan, jiji

Don't ask for translation though, as I already stated my stand

I'll post summaries if no one want to do them. But don't expect it early, as I'm really busy right now. I haven't even watch latest episode of Rinne
Am I allowed to lobby my friends from BT (Teh Ping, Kira, kuroishinigami) to support not translating this :P

Yes I also download novel and manga raws. But I'm also a baka gaijin who will buy the Tankoubon of gundam manga that I already read in my Gundam Ace, and novels that I found interesting. I got my own reason not to post in F/Z or Haganai or Monogatari, even though I did read some of the books
I would like to have an official link for the light novels(which I can edit into the first post).

I won't ask for a translation, although I do hope that Baka-Tsuki does decide to translate, so I can enjoy this more than I am already(and I am loving this series). But I started this thread so that those who have read the novels have a place to post about them. I do appreciate the light novel comparison stuff that you are posting to the anime thread.
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