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The anime isn't really bad, aside from the animation being fairly simple and a lot of the voice acting feeling somewhat awkward. It's moreso the fact that they're doing a straight up, panel by panel, 2-chapter per episode adaptation in combination with a limited run of only 12 episodes. I would've been extremely happy with a steady 2-chapters/episode pacing if they were actually adapting a good part of the series...the longer the episode run the better, to wash away the taste of the crappy opening arc. But since they're only animating the most terrible part of the series, this mediocre, uninspired "faithful" adaptation is practically the worst possible strategy.
Exactly... if there was ever a time for a studio to go out on a limb.... but I knew that this was going to be a safe adaption.. because after KHARA and than TRIGGER all the talent in GAINAX is gone and they were always going to do a straight adaption without even figuring out why Medaka Box was popular in the first place.
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