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Originally Posted by Westlo View Post
The major marketed point of a manga that was close to being canceled? Besides why push a romance when people can't stand one side of the relationship? English forums, Medaka, WSJ otoh (and more importantly) Zen. (I can't remember ever seeing a male "lead" of a Jump mag rank so low in a character poll as he did in CP#2)
It's called consistency it's like asking for a main character change when there's another character that's clearly more popular than them, it breaks up the narrative structure and degrades closer to simple fanservice.

I've actually seen loads do that and tbf at the point of that poll Zen was being treated little more than a side character, he had barely had any importance in the current plot. It's not surprising he wasn't particularily popular then.

The anime really should have done at least the flask plan arc at all costs. It being the more standard shounen fair and was reasonably popular even if not by all that much. Doing the first arc was pretty much sending it to die.
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