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Originally Posted by Westlo View Post
Provide examples than, loads of them.

As for your "excuse", explain this too.

1st Poll

Zen - 554
Munakata - 323

2nd Poll

Zen - 672
Munakata - 807

You can say Zen was treating like a side character and barely had any importance in that arc even though it's flat out untrue.. but Kei wasn't even in that arc period and had a near 500 jump in votes.
Your missing the point, it wasn't simply that Zen wasn't in that arc, his importance in the story as whole was being pretty much remove, causing people who may have been his fans to jump ship. Combined with the fact that Medaka Box as a whole had become a lot more popular meaning a greater pool of votes meant he was pretty much being left to die. Hell Even I at that point was wondering whether Zen would remain little more than a side character from then on.
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