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Originally Posted by Mentar View Post
The wuss with Nonohara as butler. When Nagi/Hayate visited Hina's kendo club, and Hayate ended up fighting "SAFETY SHUTTER" Nonohara and Hina whacked down Azumamiya (who was jealous about Hayate's closeness with Hina)

The only positive thing I could possibly see about him is his Hina connection. But even so... *yawn*

I'm not sure what Hata is doing at the moment. I think he's trying to establish a new wide-range storyline to develop Nagi, but the limitations he gave her in the past (being little more than a bratty kid living in her own world) will be difficult to overcome. And sorry - it's neither really funny, interesting or dramatic in any way.

*sighs and shakes his head*

Maybe he should have ended the story with the Royal Garden arc after all.
i will give hata credit that he recognize how limited Nagi is as character and that he can only ride rich bratty kid storyline for so long. He either need to change Nagi's character or change main characters.

A lot of mangaka would probably just ride this down in flames for as long as they can without changing anything.
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