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Originally Posted by Tom Bombadil View Post
No matter how boring recent chapters are, delicious Hina spoiler is still delicious.
Warning Miki! Hayate was called a pervert for doing something similar to that in the anime filler XD

Course, this is Miki.. she wouldn't care at all
now if only she gets to play a part in the plot, being called on to help with the manga draft time crunch?
Arcion's is open for business. How would you like your hare-brained scheme?

Would people quit throwing my faith in humanity being intelligent a shovel?
... Apparently there are now people in existence who are unable to use a shovel.

Programming today is a race between programmers trying to create better idiot-proof programs, and the world creating better idiots.
The world is winning.. by leaps and bounds.

Body Language and Intonation can convey large amounts of information with a single word.

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