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I honestly wouldn't mind a Hina fanservice chapter, if I get the chance to skip the previous borefest. Of course, if we go back to the Yosora storyline, even better.

As for Nagi's limitations, that's how Hata wrote her. He's definitely been developing her throughout the entire manga, that much is undeniable, but I think he should keep the same pace. Trying to develop her at a faster pace, because he probably believes he hasn't developed her enough, currently, I believe is not a good idea. Of course, by the time this arc ends, we may be thinking different, and this turned out to be good. However, as of now, this arc so far, with the exception of Luca and Yosora (and they haven't got too much focus) for most of the part has been rather boring. I'm not even comparing it to the Greece arc, but to any other arc. It's simply plain boring. Naturally, this is just my opinion, but it seems several other people seem to share it. So, that may mean something.
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