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Though the whole casualty talk brought in an interesting thought: What is the EXPECTATION of a Senshado practitioner in terms of injury? As that will directly link to the whole Ideology of Shiho and Mishizumi school. It seems that Shiho and Mishizumi school expects one to die for Senshado (thus going out of the tank and save someone is "wrong") It is OK as long as everyone who practice Senshado agree to it. (Swordsman back in the day expects to live and die by the sword, thus Miyamoto Musashi is a swordsman, not a murderer. Before every duel, both sides understand it is a fight to the death). Do Senshado practitioner sign the accident waiver form before they enter the match?
Well we have talked enough about senshado being considered a sport. Now any sports because of it's physical nature has it's inherent risk. If you swim, you'd accidentally drown. In the USA we got football where every year a few highschoolers die from injuries. In Europe and Latin America we got soccer and a few die of heart failure each year. And in Japan a few die each year practicing Judo with safer modern rules and moves!!! And in these sports do they force you to sign an accident waiver? Do knowing this statistics stop people from participating?
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