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Originally Posted by Kamui04 View Post
I can't and that's where this discussion should end. Because nobody knows the specifics of this special shells and special protection, period.
I am sure if there was any details to be had, we would know them by now.

This is what it boils down to; they use special ammunition for all tanks that limit true penetration without affecting ballistic characteristics. And that in general the girls are safe in their tanks despite no 5 point harness.

Yes, it IS still dangerous. This is why when ever a tank is knocked out, Miho had to call on radio to ask if the crew is okay. There is an acknowledged risk that people can get injured. One just has to assume they have a level of risk aversion similar to the 1960's. Is it realistic? Not in 2012, but going back a few decades and you would find that level of risk acceptable to the population.

As for how they stop large destructive cannons from blasting right through a light tank? We just had to take the studio's word for it. That whatever they did to the artillery shell nerfed its power sufficiently.
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