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From Chamber's own reasoning and opinion human dignity and civilization must be protected but he uses that as a validation of his own existence.

Even after being unable to participate in the war Chamber still had purpose. Though his own pilot does his own thing to adapt Chamber himself adapted being part of the community giving his services to the benefit of humanity.

Though he exceeded his own parameters cut off from the Alliance he is still useful to humanity validating his own existence.

Striker on the other hand lost its pilot and directionless. Its purpose in question. Exceeding its parameters reasoning if I can't come to the GA I'll make the GA here on Earth with it on top. Losing the purpose that it is meant to serve humanity.

So I'll make this comparison. Chamber is more akin to a Bolo his purpose is to protect his creators, the humans. Striker is a rampant AI that has deviated much from its original programming which is even violating Alliance military protocols such as being subordinate to the highest authority present.
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