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Originally Posted by Anh_Minh View Post
But that's the thing. Stryker only cares about military power, which in the present situation is almost superfluous. If it really was trying to remake the GA and was merely in a transitional period, it should have tried to educate as many people as possible on all aspects of technology, so they could reconquer spaceflight.

Stryker wasn't trying to remake the GA anymore than Bob Denard was trying to spread the ideals of the French Revolution. It was just a power grab.
Then, what I can make out of this:

1. Either Stryker became creative in its way of making decisions, hence, came to the conclusion of establishing military might on Earth giving reason to all those power crazed fantasies. Exerting its authority from the GA to turn the Earth into a second Avalon is nothing short, but an excuse and not a real commitment to the cause of humanity. Note that when I mean creative I do not address Stryker suddenly manifested the capability for abstract thought and making flexible decisions.

2. Or Stryker came to the conclusion that Earthling humans are far more chaotic than those comprising the GA, therefore, remaking a social order similar to the GA on Earth both is inefficient and unfeasible; it'll never work out. Hence, coercion and threat through full and brunt military might is the most quick and effective answer. Either you form part of us, or you remain a threat that will be immediately dealt with.
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