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Originally Posted by monir View Post
Genre: SciFi is the best bet
I'm not so sure on that. Unless someone at TAF who's seen the trailer can clarify, there's nothing to fully insinuate that Ghost Hound will be sci-fi. The upcoming manga release of Ghost Hound (( not drawn by Masamune, sadly )) this end of March reveals that's it's about a bunch of youngsters with special powers.

Not to mention Shirow's position in this is still strangely obscure. There's no doubt he's the one who's writing the story, but there isn't any full clarification on how it's going around in the anime, since Chiaki Konoka of Lain is apparently the scriptwriter for Ghost Hound as well. It's possible that Shirow's contributing the original concept and idea with Konoka writing the script, or even both of them working together with Shirow being the lead writer but there's too little information at the moment. Right now, all we know is pretty much that Ghost Hound is being touted a 20th Anniversary Production I.G work, and they'll be collaberating with Shirow Masamune in this work. At least we can expect some dough being grinded into this, that's fo sure.
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