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Originally Posted by WanderingKnight View Post
Yeah, and both GITS manga had explicit sex scenes in it (the one in MMI was removed from the American publishing), but that's not the only thing he's done. GITS didn't revolve at all around those scenes, either, and its removal don't affect the development of the manga at all. I mean, if he wants to slack around for a while and draw some fanservicey stuff (not that he's been lacking those kinds of stuff in the past), let him, he's done excellent works before.
The point is that it's not just "fanservicey stuff", his last works/artbooks contain a lot of vulgar artworks and drawings, that are almost borderline hentai. Fanservice, the typical one, doesn't feel vulgar at all, but his latest work heavily do look and feel that way.

In any case I am glad he's involved in something different, for a change. I'm mostly looking forward to this because of the animation studio and the director, rather than Shirow's not-so-clear role in it. And the first recent anime that came to my mind when I read "spiritual + sci-fi" and "rural settings" was Mushishi, for some reason.

And the girl in the promo picture resembles Enma a lot.
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