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But it did change demographics by going a different genre, it wasn't a shonen romance story anymore, it had more of a Josei type feel to it. And it failed badly in Japan because of it. It showed that the original audience of the game buyers did not like this direction that they went with, it pretty much left the original audience out to the cold. So staying in the same genre would be for the best otherwise it's gonna bomb again.
I would also say that you're wrong that it changed demographics -- it was still a shounen/seinen romance story and didn't change genres, storytelling style aside. But at the same time, I would agree that the way they're doing this anime seems very much a response to the criticisms they received from game fans about KimiKiss and appears designed to bring things more in line with the successful manga. In fact, the precedence for this omnibus style anime adaptation in this genre probably goes back to Sister Princess RePure from 8 years ago (where the original Sister Princess anime was linear, and less popular with game fans but more popular in English circles, and RePure was more omnibus style and far more popular with game fans and less popular around here). KimiKiss was also widely liked in English circles, so we'll see if this adaptation follows the trend of omnibus romances being less popular around here.

Also, with it starting in the summer, I'm inclined to guess it might just be 12 episodes, but we'll see.
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