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Example, I buy something expensive from you. Let's say the agreed upon price is 1 mil col. I put 100000 col in my trade window and prompt you to accept and bump your arm 'accidentally' to select yes before you can read clearly the amount I put in. Is that fair? Incidents like this and of other nature would happen all the time if this is the case.
That is the most unnatural arm bump ever.

When in doubt, report it to a GM. It's not gamebreaking because it's seriously really hard to do that. Unless the other person routinely holds their finger directly over the button while making the decision? Grabbing someone's arm and leading it towards the button is hardly an option when they can just shout "stop" or something. And if he can just convince the other party to make a quick decision without looking it over carefully, they congratulations! You're a scam artist. Which as far as I know isn't against any kind of rule other than the social ones.
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