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What you are saying is that the designer made a separate control system for operating the menus, that someone can accidentally bump into someone operating a menu and cause them to choose different options from what they originally trying to select. Would that fall under 'mostly fair' system? It's better then complete collision control but it still allow too many 'accidents' to happen, intentional or not.

Example, I buy something expensive from you. Let's say the agreed upon price is 1 mil col. I put 100000 col in my trade window and prompt you to accept and bump your arm 'accidentally' to select yes before you can read clearly the amount I put in. Is that fair? Incidents like this and of other nature would happen all the time if this is the case.
I would consider this natural, if someone would be stupid enough to rummage in his menu when there are people near enough to bump into you than it's his own fault.

For your example: Are you sitting on top of him or what? If that's the case it would again be the others fault for being an idiot
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