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Originally Posted by Nightengale View Post
What's the difference between both? @_@

Well, as for the best routes thing, I heard someone (( Sushi? )) in this forum saying before playing 'girl C's route' before 'girl B' will make you confused on some storyline things or something like that, kinda like Tsukihime's Arc first, then Ciel thing. I know it doesn't really affect anything in the long run, but still...
The 90 hours guide is a guide for players to collect all CG, music and contents within the shortest time. Some variations of the same stories which are not the requirement will be skipped, though.

The 'playing girl C's route before girl B' thing is said by me. It is not about who is better or not, but playing in the recommended order will give you more background information on side characters in that character's route. For example, Nagisa Tomoyo makes an appearance in Nagisa route as a side character. If you've played Tomoyo route before Nagisa route, you'll know what kind of person is Tomoyo is and will waste less time wonder on her actions. Also playing the Fuko route before the Nagisa route will produce an extra event, but that's the only case it is.
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